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i'll keep this very short.

in summary all efforts from 2 summers back have been for naught i have ended up full circle back where i was then maybe even worse which i didn't think was possible. sans sanity sans laptop sans society it's about tme i just accept it and go and do what i did then, go to the mall play my problems into games, come back home and try to make sense of things.

As quick sense of things:
Life sucks
Phillips makes poorly designed laptops
Friends are few and far between but love to tell you what you do wrong
Real friends are even further, but they help ya out and try to reason
each of those catagories are about equal to what i had two summers ago and seem to be dwindling quick
and solar spin at tilt is rigged beyond a doubt and hates me

Final note

Fuck bobbleheads and don't expect updates or anything
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